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“Art labours to make whole what is incomplete, to supplement by an act of imagination the fragments and scraps of life.”

   - Julia Briggs, Introduction. Everyman’s Library Edition of To the Lighthouse


I have loved this description of art’s intent since I first read it and have come to understand that the wish to bring coherence and unity to the “fragments and scraps of (my) life” is an important part of my passion to paint. A central theme in my quest for integration is finding ways to bring together into some whole the darks and the lights in my life. Both the darks and the lights, the pain and the joy, have always been very intense for me and that feels to me like both a gift and a source of fragmentation. Some of my paintings seem primarily to reside in the light, to reflect pleasure, beauty, and hope. Others to me have more of a darker cast, and reflect pain, isolation and sadness. The paintings I like best have both, beauty and shadow.

I love exploring new ways to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions with paint. My passion for painting with the knife, with its potential for creating exuberant life and color in these works, continues. I have explored painting with my fingers ("2015 Austerlich") and found that intriguing.

Painting and viewing the world through a painter's eyes, continues to enrich my life in countless ways and I am grateful for all the help I have gotten along the way.

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